Eurostat: Cyprus increases land dedicated to organic crops cultivation by 48% in 5 years

Cyprus had a significant increase in organic crops dedicated rural areas, by 48% in the last five years, according to Eurostat, but still it takes no more than the 3.7% (as % of total utilized agricultural area), one of the lowest in the EU. That area has seen an increase of 0.9 percentage point, from just 2.8% in 2010. In absolute numbers, Cyprus dedicated 3184 hectares in the production of organic crops in 2010 and 4699 hectares in 2015, an increase of 47.6%.

Meanwhile, in the EU, 11 million hectares of certified area or area under conversion existed in 2015 and organic farming made up 6.2% of the European Unions (EU) total utilized agricultural area (UAA).

Since 2010, the area devoted to organic farming has grown by almost two million hectares. Similarly, an upward trend can be observed for the number of registered organic producers. At the end of 2015

Source: Cyprus News Agency.