Eurostat 2nd notification: Cyprus public debt at 107.5 in 2015, deficit at -1.1%

Cyprus’ public debt stood at 107.5% of GDP in 2015, while deficit was just -1.1% GDP (or 196 million euro), according to Eurostat.

The GDP was 17.637 billion euro and government debt 18.964 billion euro. Government revenues amounted to 39% of the GPD, while expenditure was 40.1% of the GDP. In this release, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, is providing government deficit and debt data based on figures reported in the second 2016 notification by EU Member States for the years 2012-2015, for the application of the excessive deficit procedure (EDP). This notification is based on the ESA 2010 system of national accounts. This release also includes data on government expenditure and revenue.

In a footnote Eurostat is expressing a reservation on the quality of the data reported by Cyprus in relation to a series of technical issues

Source: Cyprus News Agency.