Eurostat: 100% of Cypriot pupils learn a 2nd language, 99.8% of them English

In 2014, more than 18 million primary school pupils (84%) in the European Union were studying at least one foreign language, including nearly 1 million (around 5%) studying two foreign languages or more, according to Eurostat. Meanwhile at the lower secondary level in Cyprus, 99.9% of the pupils studied English, 88.1% french, 1.4% German, 0.5% Spanish, 0.7% Russian and 0.2% Italian.

Of all the primary pupils 91.9% learn just one secondary language and 8.1 two or more, of which English 99.8% and French 2.1%. All or nearly all pupils at primary level in 2014 attended foreign language classes in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta (all 100.0%), Croatia, Italy and Austria (all 99.9%), Spain (99.5%), as well as in France (99.0%) and Poland (97.7%).

At primary level, English was by far the most popular language, studied by over 17 million pupils.

Source: Cyprus News Agency