European Elections 2019: AKEL General Secretary calls on citizens to vote

The EU determines our lives to a great extent and it is important to give our own opinion about the course we should take in Cyprus and in Europe, AKEL General Secretary Andros Kyprianou said on Sunday, and called on all citizens to vote in the European Elections.

Speaking after casting his vote at a polling station in Nicosia, Kyprianou said that this whole period, we were doing the talking, and now it is time for the people to express their own opinion with their vote.

I hope that they will participate in this process, he said and noted that as of tomorrow a new effort will begin to address the many important problems faced by the Cypriot society, especially regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem and handling the small and large everyday problems of the people of Cyprus.

He also expressed hope that today will run smoothly in order to confirm that we are a European, modern and democratic country, especially as regards the participation of out Turkish Cypriot compatriots in this election process.

Replying to questions regarding the low turnout so far, Kyprianou said the EU is not something far away, the European Parliament is not something indifferent to us.

The EU decides on about 85% of our lives and thus it is of outmost importance to express our own view on where we want to go, he added.

Source: Cyprus News Agency