EU experts in Cyprus for inclusion of migrant students into education system

A team of experts from the EU and European countries are currently in Cyprus at the request of the Ministry of Education to advise on issues related to the educational inclusion of students with migrant background in schools in Cyprus.

The delegation consists of experts from four European countries (Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece) and a three member delegation from the European Commission.

The team of experts will conduct a study and submit recommendations for the inclusion of children with migrant background into the Cypriot education system.

In the framework of their visit, they held on Tuesday a meeting with Minister of Education and Culture Kostas Champiaouris as well as high ranking officials from the Ministry.

Addressing the opening of the two-day deliberations, the Minister said that the Ministry of Education places great emphasis on the equal access of all children to education, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus.

As a result, he said, all children receive education without any discrimination and irrespective of their language, religion, belief, sex or ethnic origin.

He noted that the Ministrys policy regarding students with migrant background aims at their smooth integration into the educational system and said that with the start of the new school year there will be more modern and improved structures in the education system.

The Minister said that despite the fact that progress has been made in recent years, the Ministry of Education and Culture is still facing many challenges, especially as regards the reception phase, due to the constant flow of children with migrant backrground to schools throughout the school year and expressed conviction that the EU experts will contribute to that end.

Source: Cyprus News Agency