EU 27 include arrangement on citizens living in UK Bases in Cyprus, in Brexit negotiation principles

The EU 27 include an orderly arrangement on the situation of the EU citizens who live or work in the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus, into the negotiation principles set up by the Council of Permanent Representatives and presented today by European Council President Donald Tusk.

The provision calls for the recognition of Cyprus – UK agreements which are compatible with EU law, especially with regard to the situation of EU citizens who live or work in the Base Areas, under, paragraph “12” of “Chapter III” for the orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

“The Union should agree with the United Kingdom on arrangements as regards the Sovereign Base Areas of the United Kingdom in Cyprus and recognise in that respect bilateral agreements and arrangements between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom which are compatible with EU law, in particular as regards the situation of those EU citizens resident or working in the Sovereign Base Areas,” the original text says.

Source: Cyprus News Agency