ErenkAly High School Visits EMU School of Computing and Technology

Eastern Mediterranean University School of Computing and Technology (EMU-SCT) continues its informative seminars titled Possibilities, Opportunities and Guidance in Vocational Education for high school graduates and, puts emphasis on the important issues on profession and university choice making.

EMU-SCT had ErenkAly High School students over and, both informed ErenkAly High School students and introduced them the program that EMU designed by using some applications. EMU-SCT Director Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilkan and, Assistant Director and academic staff member Cantas Ozerek, gave a seminar for ErenkAly High School students on Possibilities, Opportunities and Guidance in Vocational Education. During his presentation, Prof. Dr. Ilkan emphasized the importance of vocational education and relayed future projections. Prof. Dr. Ilkan also expressed the possibilities, opportunities and advantages of registering to EMU-SCT after the completion of high school education.

ErenkAly High School officials highlighted the importance of collaboration, indicating that they are very pleased to be collaborating with EMU to improve vocational education in the country as to bring it to the desired level. The officials also stated that they will be collaborating with EMU and EMU-SCT in order to bring new educational fields to the school during the future processes.

Computer Programming and, Information Technology Program Coordinator Akile Yuvka and Assistant Coordinator Sensev Ilkan, Construction Technology and, Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program Coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Ece Celik and academic staff member Ramadan Iyikal provided detailed information on their related programs and answered the questions of the students.

Electrical and Electronic Technology and, Biomedical Equipment Technology Programs Coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Alper Doganalp also provided extensive information and sample fields of profession regarding the programs. EMU-SCT academic staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Hasan Oylum also made an interesting presentation for the students on the application of the animation programs (he has designed) in the laboratory. A tour of EMU-SCT building and EMU Library was organized for the ErenkAly High School students at the end of the visit.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University