Erasmus+ Youth Solidarity Corps and the Youth Strategy top Council’s agenda according to minister Champiaouris

Minister of Education of the Republic of Cyprus, Costas Champiaouris participated yesterday and today in the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council which completed its works in Brussels under the Austrian Presidency, where “important decisions for future programs and policies of the EU on Education, Youth, Culture, Audiovisual and Sport “, were taken.

More specifically, Kostas Champiaouris, talking on the PIO (Press and Information Office) camera, referred to the youth, “in which the Government places particular emphasis” and noting that “weve adopted the EU Strategy for Youth for the period 2019-2027, so that the Member States can now adapt their national strategies on the basis of common European principles. “

“Cyprus is already doing so, as the National Youth Strategy, which was adopted in 2017, has been established on the basis of the European strategy,” the Minister noted.

“There have been, important decisions in relation to the newly established European Corps Solidarity, which gives opportunities to young people for volunteering and participation in society as active citizens of Europe,” said Costas Champiaouris and stressed that “its an opportunity for young people given to develop important skills to help them integrate into the labor market.”

“It would be a failure not to mention the new element of the program, which is about integrating the humanitarian aid initiative, giving young people the opportunity to be involved in humanitarian aid actions,” the Minister noted.

As Kostas Chambiaouris said, “through the Councils decisions, the road for the creation of the European area of education is now open”, adding that “a particularly important element is the adoption of the Recommendation on the mutual and automatic recognition of higher secondary and tertiary education qualifications “.

“This not only facilitates the mobility of students and students, but also boosts confidence in the quality of the European and, by extension, the Cypriot educational system, as new horizons open to our pupils and students,” said Costas Chambiaouris.

“In this context, we also support the EU initiative on the creation of networks of European universities,” the Minister said, and pointed out that “Cypriot universities have already shown a keen interest in joining the program.”

Finally the Minister referred to “the important decisions taken on the already successful program for education, youth and sport, the Erasmus program”, announcing that “a common statement by the Ministers of Education was the need to strengthen this program to multiply opportunities for young people “.

“Let me remind you that Cyprus has benefited greatly from this program”, giving as an example that in the period 2014-2018, almost 22,000 young people from Cyprus participated in Erasmus + youth programs, utilizing resources of about 10 million euros”, the Minister said, concluding that” it was a very productive Council, important decisions were made and discussions would continue “and” our aim is to make full use of EU instruments and policies to enhance education, culture and the of sports in our country “.

Source: Cyprus News Agency