EPP Partners urge Turkey to refrain form illegal activities in Cyprus’ EEZ, says Spokesman

“The illegal activities of Turkey are also directed against EU interests,” Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromos has said on Thursday, referring to the reaction of the members of the European Peoples Party (EPP), whose meeting is taking place in Romania, ahead of the EU27 Summit.

In his statement to journalists, on the sidelines of the European Peoples Party in Sibiu, the Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said that “the President of the Republic is participating in the EPP Heads of State meeting prior to the Informal European Council in Sibiu”.

He informed his counterparts on the “blatant and unprecedented Turkish violations in the EEZ of Cyprus and threatened drilling” and noted that “partners in the EPP condemn Turkish intervention, call on Turkey to abandon these illegal activities, which, as he noted, are directed not only against the Republic of Cyprus but also against the EUs interests.”

“At the same time, the EPP notes that it will follow the situation closely and respond accordingly, showing solidarity for the Republic of Cyprus,” the Spokesman added.

Source: Cyprus News Agency