EP to vote Tuesday on Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination for Commission President

The European Parliament which convenes this week in Strasbourg will vote on Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination for President of the European Commission for the next five years.

On Tuesday morning, she will take the floor in Parliament’s plenary session and will outline her vision and plans as Commission President, followed by a debate with MEPs until 12.30. The voting is set to take place at 18.00 local time.

Von der Leyen, who has been Germany’s Defence Minister since 2013, was nominated by the European Council as President-designate of the

European Commission on 2 July. She now needs the backing of an absolute majority (50% plus one) of Parliament’s component members in order to become the first female politician to take on the role. The vote will be held by secret paper ballot.

On Wednesday morning the MEPs will discuss the priorities of the incoming Finnish presidency with Prime Minister Antti Rinne and the European Commission.

Prime Minister Antti Rinne will present the priorities of the Finnish presidency of the Council of the EU which include common values and the rule of law, competitiveness and social inclusion, climate leadership and comprehensive security.

Finland took over the EU’s rotating Presidency from Romania on 1 July.

The plenary will also discuss with the Council and the Commission, the NGOs’ operations in the Mediterranean and the diverging positions of member states. Despite a significant decline in the overall figures, migrants and asylum-seekers continue attempting to enter Europe via the Mediterranean. So far this year 682 people have died or gone missing , according to the International organisation for Migration (IOM). The latest shipwreck took place on 3 July, when 83 people drowned off the coast of Tunisia, the second deadliest incident of this type in 2019.

MEPs will also vote on how many parliamentarians should sit in each interparliamentary delegation on Wednesday at 12.00, with appointments announced at 19.00 on the same day.

The European Parliament’s interparliamentary delegations maintain relations and exchange information with parliamentarians in other countries, regions and organisations to promote the EU’s core values: liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.

On the agenda of the plenary are also issues related to Brexit, a review of the Romanian Council Presidency, the situation in Venezuela and the tensions in the Persian Gulf.

Source: Cyprus News Agency