EP adopts two funds amounting to 16.12 billion euros for asylum and border policies

The European Parliament, that meets in Strasbourg, has adopted two funds for asylum and border policies amounting to a total of 16.12 billion euros.

These are the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, amounting to €9.88bn, to support asylum and migration policy, and the

Integrated Border Management Fund, amounting to €6.24bn, for external border management that respects fundamental rights

The funds aim to help manage migration flows, ease integration of third-country nationals and improve border management.

The 2021-2027 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (€9.88 billion) will strengthen the EU’s common asylum policy, develop legal migration in line with member states’ needs, support the integration of third-country nationals, and contribute to the fight against irregular migration. At Parliament’s request, the money should also s

Source: Cyprus News agency