ENTERTAINMENT: Netflix increases subscription for Cyprus and elsewhere

Following increases in the US, Netflix has raised package prices offered to subscribers in Cyprus the rest of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The increase will not affect the basic package of Euros 7.99, which will remain at the same price. They will affect the standard package increasing its price from Euros 9.99 to Euros 10.99, while the premium package will increase to Euros 13.99 from Euros 11.99.

Netflix has increased the cost of subscription costs recently in the US but still remains the cheapest option compared to other platforms such as HBO Now and HULU.

The changes will be effective as of 20 June and subscribers will be informed by email and platform apps.

Netflix star attractions for 2019 include the following series: Sex Education, What If with Renee Zellweger, Umbrella Academy with Ellen Page, the last season of Orange Is The New Black and the third season of Stranger Things.

Source: The Financial Mirror