Enping Microphone Shines in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, Nov. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The”Enping Microphone” built on its reputation of good quality and innovation at Prolight+Sound Shanghai 2016 last month. Prolight+Sound Shanghai, held every year in October, is one of the world’s largest trade shows specializing in entertainment, pro-audio and lighting. Audio equipment manufacturers from Enping, Guangdong Province, China formed the largest-ever exhibitor alliance attending the show, with a stunning 15 percent of exhibitors present coming from the city.

“The innovation and entrepreneurship of Enping Microphonesare now stronger than ever, and this trend not only affects investors and consumers, but also extends brand awareness globally,” said Wu Zhonghuo, President of the Enping Electro Acoustic Component Trade Association. “More than 100 enterprises in Enping have passed the international standard ISO accreditation and CCC accreditation, and, as a result, good quality products have been making their way onto the global market.”

Figures from the Enping Electro Acoustic Component Trade Association show that production capacity is booming as the city’smanufacturers capture increasing market share.

Last year, thetotal production volumeof Enping’s electro-acoustic industry exceeded more than 100,000,000 units, which realized total industrial product revenues of over RMB 3.4 billion, accounting for more than 70% of China’s export market share. For Enping Microphones, success is ubiquitous, the future bright.

“We have the advantage, we have the patents, and our products are cost-effective on the world stage,” Mr. Wu said.

In addition to the traditional exhibition booths, Enping Microphones also had their own outdoor stage at the show, combining stage performances with product showcases that attracted more buyers to their booths.

Vicky Fu, Show Manager for Prolight+Sound Shanghai, said she was delighted that Enping Microphoneswere such a shining light at the show, embodying world-class companies and providing electro-acoustic equipment the world over.


Trista Ming

Enping Electro Acoustic Component Trade Association

Founded on January 26, 2011, the Association is managed by the Enping Administration for Industry and Commerce. Their mission is to bring together the advantages of its members, promote solidarity, enhance services, promote communication, regulate competition and jointly drive development. It has 266 corporate members, of which 24 sit on the executive board, 34 sit on the board of directors and the remaining 208 are member firms. The association plays an important role in the development process of Enping’s audio equipment sector.