ENERGY: Second Turkish ship to resume drilling off Cyprus soon

Turkey’s Fatih drillship will resume illegal drilling operations at a new location in Cyprus waters in the coming weeks after resupplying and repairs.

The ship, which left its location West of Cyprus last week, is currently in the southern Turkish province of Mersin for refuelling and maintenance.

Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said: The Fatih has completed drilling and has currently docked at Mersin port for supplies. Following a few weeks of resupply and repairs the Fatih will resume its operations at a new location to be determined.

Donmez also reminded that two survey ships were currently conducting two and three-dimensional surveys in the area.

A second Turkish drillship, the Yavuz, is conducting illegal activities in block 7 of Cyprus’ EEZ, the block is licensed to international energy companies for exploration.

The Yavuz drillship has started drilling a few weeks ago at a locationWe shall share the results with the public when we have something to share. We need to be patient, said Donmez.

Brussels and Washington have condemned Ankara’s aggression in Cyprus waters and called on it to withdraw its ships immediately.

Source: The Financial Mirror