ENERGY: Moscow voices concern over Turkey drills in Cyprus waters

Moscow is following the developments in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone with concern after a second Turkish vessel entered it, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

“In connection with incoming reports on the visit of yet another Turkish ship to conduct geological prospecting in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, we are watching with concern the developments in this area.

We believe that any violation of Cyprus’s sovereignty can only hinder conditions for a durable, viable and fair resolution of the Cyprus issue, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said.

It added: “We urge all countries to refrain from steps leading to the build-up of a crisis potential in the Eastern Mediterranean, to display restraint and political wisdom, and to strive to resolve any dispute through dialogue and respect for each other’s interests.”

Russia said it was ready to support a resumption of Cyprus talks as soon as possible with a view to finding solutions based on relevant UN resolutions.

Since May 4, the Turkish drill ship Fatih is in an area that falls within the EEZ and continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus.

A second Turkish drill ship, Yavuz, arrived off the island’s northeastern coast on Monday.

Nicosia has strongly condemned Turkey’s new attempt to illegally conduct drilling operations in the east of Cyprus, close to the Karpasia peninsula.

The EU has called the arrival of a second ship an unacceptable escalation.

Source: The Financial Mirror