ENERGY: EU to adopt measures against Turkey over Cyprus drills

The EU’s Foreign Affairs Council, chaired by security policy chief Federica Mogherini, will on Monday adopt measures against Turkey for its continued illegal activity within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

Measures include a cut of Euros 146 mln in EU funds from Turkey’s pre-accession funds (IPA-II already foreseen in the Councils general budget for 2020 position), the freezing of the investment activity of the European Investment Bank in Turkey , the freezing of the EU-Turkey aviation agreement and the cancellation of a series of high-level EU-Turkey dialogues on the economy, energy, transport and agriculture

Brussels has not ruled additional measures against individuals and companies related to the illegal drilling if Turkey persists to violate Cyprus waters.

“We stand behind Cyprus,” said Dutch Foreign Minister Stefan Brook entering the Council venue when asked if “sanctions” should be expected.

Source: The Financial Mirror