ENERGY: Cyprus-Greece-Israel cooperation focus of conference in New York

The strategic partnership between Cyprus-Greece-Israel and opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship and investment, is the subject of The Economist EASTMED-NEW YORK INVESTMENT SUMMIT to be held in New York on 2 May.

The Economist, with energy diplomacy at the heart of a complex geopolitical setting, the conference will attempt to capture developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, highlighting the regions investment opportunities for the international business community, focusing on natural gas market.

The conference “Cyprus-Greece-Israel: Strengthening ties will discuss the financial conditions under which potential projects can be developed, as well as alternative financing tools for the implementation of such investments.

Speakers, distinguished officials and analysts will explore challenges and prospects in the light of the latest developments in the European Union regarding the upcoming European elections and Brexit.

US foreign policy, energy strategy and investment priorities will complement the agenda, which will focus on areas such as energy security and geopolitical stability.

Key speakers at the conference will be Minister of Finance Harris Georgiadis, Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis, Vice-president of ExxonMobil for exploration and new ventures, Europe, Russia, Caspian, MENA, Don Bagley, Assistant secretary for the bureau of energy resources, US State Department Francis Fannon and former US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte.

Source: The Financial Mirror