Energy cooperation could contribute to peace in the region, House President stresses

House of Representatives President Demetris Syllouris has stressed that cooperation in the sector of energy could contribute to the prevalence of peace in the region.

Syllouris was addressing on Monday the 1st trilateral meeting at Speaker level between the parliments of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan which takes place in the Dead Sea.

Our challenge is to have cooperation in the energy sector become a catalyst for the prevalence of peace, security and prosperity in our extremely sensitive region, the House President pointed out, a House of Representatives press release issued here today says.

Hydrocarbon reserves expected to be discovered in the South Eastern Mediterranean have turned the region into an alternative energy corridor and a supplier of European energy security, he said, adding that there are opportunities for synergies in order to promote connectivity and reduce energy costs to the benefit of growth of the countries and the peoples of the region.

The East Mediterranean Gas Forum, which includes Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Greece, Palestine and Israel and aims to establish a regional natural gas market constitutes an important step in that direction, he added.

Addressing the trilateral meeting on the subject matter of education and culture he said that there are common actions already undertaken or planned which cover a wide spectrum of the trilateral cooperation between Jordan, Greece and Cyprus.

He noted that ties between the three countries go back to ancient times and that their cultures have an important place in the global cultural heritage. Unfortunately, Syllouris added our three countries have witnessed and are the victim of trafficking of cultural treasures.

The trilateral agreement between the three countries to combat the theft, illegal digs and illicit import, transport or ownership transfer of cultural goods or cultural property which was signed in the context of the 1st trilateral summit in Nicosia, in January 2018 and which was ratified by the Cypriot parliament is indicative of the urgency for enhanced cooperation on the matter, he said.

The House of Representatives Speaker also referred to an initiative of the Cypriot parliament to promote the Arabic language in Cyprus.

Syllouris also addressed the trilateral meeting on the subject matter of tourism, and stressed that cooperation in the sector would result in multiple benefits for all three countries.

Source: Cyprus News Agency