EMU Tourism Faculty Welcomed Guests From Hilton Hotel Chain

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Tourism welcomed Hilton Worldwide Middle East, Africa and Turkey Senior Human Resources Director Koray Genckul and Europe, Middle East and Africa Recruitment Director BjAlrn Olthof. Coming together with EMU students at a conference Genckul and Olthof provided information about the Hilton Hotel chains’ vision and mission.

Speaking about Hilton’s values and why these values are important Genckul and Olthof explained what each letter in its name represents: H (Hospitality), I (Integrity), L (Leadership), T (Teamwork), O (Ownership), N (Now). They also touched upon the fact that these values are the first thing that come to mind globally regarding Hilton and that these values are adopted by Hilton all employees.

Olthof noted that there are many job opportunities for new graduates at Hilton relaying his experiences in getting hired. Olthof also provided information about graduate student programs. Koray Genckul spoke about the Hilton Hotels in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey indicating that team work is vital for the institution whose reputation as a global sector leader comes from its employees. During their speeches Olthof and Genckul provided detailed information about the Hilton Hotels’ job application process.

At the end of the event which provided valuable information for the participants, Koray Genckul and BjAlrn Olthof were presented a plaque of appreciation by EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan K?l?c. Koray Genckul and BjAlrn Olthof answered each and every student question, taking a group photo with the students at the end of the conference.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University