EMU Tourism Faculty Ready For International Tourism Day

Eastern Mediterranean University Tourism Faculty is organizing a Tourism Day taking place under the theme of 2017 World Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism. Organised annually, EMU’s International Tourism Day will take place at Famagusta Namik Kemal Square between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, 20 April 2017.

The event which will host various musical and dance performances will be officially launched at 2:00 p.m. with opening addresses. Among notable names participating in the event are EMU Rector Prof. Dr. NecdetOsam, Minister of TRNC Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataogu, Mayor of Famagusta Municipality Ismail Arter, Chair of the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association Fethi Ozbogac, Cyprus Turkish Travel Agencies Association Chair Orhan Tolun, Chair of Cyprus Turkish Tourist Guides Association Ibrahim Altiner and representatives from the tourism sector. Following the opening addresses, dance and fashion shows as well as musical performances will take place. The Tourism Day will finish with a concert by Group Frekans’ concert.

Dean of EMU Tourism Faculty Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic stated that the annual International Tourism Days has a special quality as it creates a platform bringing together students from different cultures. During the event, students share their own food and other cultural assets with others. Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic put forth that during the event, students will cook meals representing their own culture and items from local Cypriot Cuisine will be sold by women from Buyukkonuk village. Highlighting the importance paid towards civic involvement, Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic added that money raised during the said sales will be used for charity purposes.

Putting forth that the theme for this year’s International Monuments and Sites Day (18 April) announced by the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) is Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Prof. Dr. Kilic stated that they are celebrating the said event jointly with the International Tourism Day.

Celebrated by EMU since 2011, the International Monuments and Sites Day celebrations commenced with a workshop titled Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage organised at Faculty of Architecture on 18 April 2017. During the said event, various presentations were also delivered.

Prof. Dr. Kilic also added that this year’s event is the product of joint collaboration of the TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Famagusta Municipality, EMU Tourism Faculty, EMU Architecture Faculty, EMU- CCS, EMU Urban Research and Development Center, Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Research Center and EMU Center for Tourism Studies. Prof. Dr. Kilic also stated that the event will also be participated by Her Daim Dostlar (HDD), MASDER and Famagusta Intitative.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University