EMU-SCT Offers Applied Training Program for the Students of Dr. Faz?l Kucuk Vocational High School of Industry

Students of Dr. Fazil Kucuk Vocational High School of Industry participated in an applied training program at Eastern Mediterranean University, School of Computing and Technology (SCT).

Accompanied by academic staff and their teachers, the students designed a computer-aided circuit in the electronic laboratory by using the ISIS and ARES programs used in circuit design. Students who worked in virtual environment by simulating the electronic circuit and printed circuits designed in computer environment, also printed their designs on the copper plaque by using the state-of-the-art LPKF Laser and Electronics PROTOMAT S63 model.

The students also got familiarised with the profession of Biomedical Device Technician through carrying out applied experiments in the field of Biomedical Device Technologies.

In the experiments conducted in this area, some applications were made by using KL-730 Biomedical Measurement Training Set. The device is designed to enable students to learn to perform specific measurements on the circuit and to detect simple physiological signals through practical operations. In addition, students can clearly understand the electrical characteristics of sensors and transducers following completion of experiments.

The Important Role of Vocational Education in Solving the Unemployment Problem

In a statement of his own, Director of EMU-SCT Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilkan emphasized that besides the common basic problems, the main problem of education countrywide is that there is no policy of transition to higher education based on orientation and the importance of vocational education not reaching the desired levels. Stating that through practices as such, vocational high schools aim to provide a new motivation for their students, Prof. Dr. Ilkan emphasized that the vocational education in the TRNC should be redesigned in terms of its position within the educational system. Prof. Dr. Ilkan also emphasized the project of making the vocational high schools-vocational schools chain compulsory. Prof. Dr. Ilkan added that they are ready for voluntary participation in every platform where vocational education will be discussed. Prof. Dr. Ilkan also mentioned that vocational education plays an important role in the solution of the unemployment problem, which is the main problem of the country’s young generation. Professor Dr. Ilkan concluded his statement by stating that they are ready to contribute to all activities in this area with the understanding of serving to the young generation of the country.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University