EMU Molecular Biology and Genetics Program Continues to Make a Difference

As part of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Arts and Sciences Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences Molecular Biology and Genetics Program continues to make a difference with its graduates and the education and opportunities it provides. The quality of the program has been certified by the Council of Higher Education and Germany based international accreditation institution AHPGS (Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences). AHPGS is an institution that specialises in the accreditation of undergraudate and postgraduate education, for particular subjects such as health and social sciences.

EMU Biological Sciences Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Taneri Guder indicated that program graduates are continuing their education via postgraduate programs from all over the world, at universities such as Pavia University, Maastricht University, University of Hull, University of Newcastle and Bilkent University. The graduates are continuing their education in programs such as Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biomedical Sciences and Bioinformatics.

On behalf of EMU Biology and Genetics Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taneri Guder invited students wishing to become a part of an extensive and international education program to visit the Biological Sciences Department. Wishing all students luck in EMU Entrance and Scholarship Exam on the 5th of June 2017, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taneri Guder.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University