EMU Hosts a Conference Titled “Pre-school Blending: Every Child Can Learn”

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Education hosted a conference titled “Pre-school Blending: Every Child Can Learn” . Delivered by Hacettepe University, Education Faculty academic staff member Prof. Dr. Bulbin Sucuo?lu, the conference attracted intensive interest both from the academic staff and students of EMU Education Faculty.

In her presentation, Prof. Dr. Sucuo?lu talked about the importance and benefits of blending and stressed the fact that all children including those with special needs have the right to education. Prof. Dr. Sucuo?lu also put forth that instructors should consider individual differences within their class and apply adaptations, accordingly.

Having been offering undergraduate courses on applied behavior analysis, autism and mentally handicapped, and postgraduate courses on early childhood education and pre-school blending, Prof. Dr. Sucuo?lu has also been involved in research focusing on pre-school and elementary school blending, class management, teaching social skills, and teacher training.

Providing detailed information about research conducted on blending, Prof. Dr. Bulbin Sucuo?lu

put forth that only a small number of children with special needs benefit from blending, that the attitude of administrators, teachers and parents towards blending is negative, that the classroom conditions are insufficient, and that the teachers lack essential information and skills regarding children with special needs. According to Prof. Dr. Sucuo?lu, teacher training carries special importance in the effective application of blending. Highlighting the importance of increasing the quality of pre-school classes, Prof. Dr. Bulbin Sucuo?lu also recommended that teacher candidates should be supported in effective class management, the teaching of social skills, and individualising learning. At the end of her presentation, Prof. Dr. Bulbin Sucuo?lu answered questions coming from the audience.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University