EMU-FLEPS Continues In-Service Training

The Eastern Mediterranean University Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (EMU-FLEPS) continues its in-service training with the EDMODO course. EDMODO is a classroom management tool, designed for education with strong security settings and as a social network. This educational platform is specially designed for teachers-students-parents, where teachers can invite students to their groups, write messages to them, share lesson documents, and create homework assignments and quizzes. The EDMODO course aims to contribute to English teachers’ professional development as they will learn ways to integrate online training tools into their face-to-face instruction. The course will take 4 weeks and participants will receive an EDMODO certificate at the end of the course.

EMU senior instructor and EDMODO trainer Turan Degirmencioglu and EMU-FLEPS instructor and professional development unit coordinator Asst. Professor Dr. Aysegul Salli are conducting the course. The trainers stated that they are pleased to be offering the course and that they are planning to offer the EDMODO course to English teachers working in other schools in the future.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University