EMU Faculty of Pharmacy Welcomed Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fuchs

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Pharmacy welcomed Deputy Director of the Medical University of Innsbruck, Department of Biological Chemistry and Honorary Member of the Medical and Clinical Chemistry Association, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fuchs. Prof. Dr. Fuchs came together with EMU Pharmacy students and academic staff, presenting a series of seminars.

Prof. Dr. Fuchs who has acted as editor and editor in chief for a number of scientific journals has over 800 scientific publications and over 26 thousand references regarding tryptophan metabolism and Pteridines. Prof. Dr. Fuchs who added important knowledge to Immunology and Biochemistry literature provided information about “Neopterin in Immunopathologies”, “Tryptophan Breakdown in Immunopathologies”, “Phenylalanine Metabolism And Immune Activation”, “In Vitro Testing For Immunomodulatory Drugs” and “Medication And Food Compounds” at the seminars he presented whilst at EMU.

As well as the informative seminars he presented whilst at EMU, Prof. Dr. Fuchs who focused on Pteridines that can lead to early diagnosis of heavy infections such as HIV (AIDS) and autoimmune diseases started a collaboration with the EMU Faculty of Pharmacy. In this regard, one of the scientific studies that took place at the EMU Faculty of Pharmacy will be invited to the symposium titled “36th International Winter-Workshop on Clinical, Chemical and Biochemical Aspects of Pteridines and Related Topics” set to take place in Innsbruck in February 2017.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University