EMU Faculty of Pharmacy Organizes Oath Ceremony

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Pharmacy organized an oath ceremony for students who are set to graduate at the 2016-2017 Academic Year Fall Semester Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday, the 31st of January 2017. The oath ceremony took place on Thursday the 26th January 2017 at 10:00. With the event that took place at the Green Hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the graduates took their first steps towards starting their professions.

Following a moment of silence and the national anthem, Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Prof. Dr. Mustafa Fethi Sahin gave an opening speech in which he noted that it was a very proud day for the faculty. Prof. Dr. Sahin also stated that he believes all graduates will be good pharmacists. Highlighting that pharmacists must be individuals that use their resources in the best way possible and learn things throughout their lives, Prof. Dr. Sahin stated that he believes the graduates will contribute to the society. Prof. Dr. Sahin concluded his speech by wishing the graduates best of luck for the rest of their lives.

At the oath ceremony 26 pharmacists swore to serve humanity as well as to support the ideals and commitments of their profession. They swore to respect their teachers that played a part in their development throughout their life and not to act in a manner that falls against the oaths of their profession. After the oath ceremony, students were presented their certificates by the dean, vice-dean and members of academic staff. The ceremony was also attended by the families of the students who shared their happiness on this special day. A cocktail took place at the end of the ceremony.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University