EMU English Preparatory School Carries Out “Dogs in Need” Social Responsibility Project

The first activity of the project titled ‘DOGS IN NEED’ was organized by Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School ‘Social Responsibility Project’ organizer and academic staff member Mehsen Ercanlar. The project was led by academic staff members Fayka Guresun, Suzanne Kayalp and Aman Rassouli.

As part of the first activity of the project approximately 75 students and academic staff members made 12 kennels for the dogs that live on the EMU campus. These kennels were then placed on specific points on campus. After the activity, students noted that they were happy as to play a part in the making of the kennels that will protect the dogs on campus from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. The students stated that they want to participate in such projets whenever they can, to raise awarness and help our animal friends.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University