EMU Elementary Education Department Students Highlighted Their Slogan “Our Priority is the Protection of Children’s Rights”

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Education, Elementary Education Department students highlighted their campaign regarding the support towards human rights as well as children’s rights with #cocukdeyince hashtag on social network platform Twitter.

In the campaign which aims to raise public awareness regarding the provision of a better world for all children, the said department’s students, who are also prospective teachers, stress that children’s rights are beyond all other rights and understanding children’s nature and providing relevant opportunities for them, demonstrating respect towards the right to play, and recognition of each child as a unique individual are the essence of prioritising children’s rights. As a result of the said campaign of awareness, EMU Elementary Education Department’s all academic staff members and students feel proud of owning their professional mission and once again stress that they are determined to protect the aforesaid concepts regarding children. The campaign may be followed at Twitter through the hashtag #cocukdeyince.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University