EMU Elementary Education Department Awarded Certificates To Successful Students

Eastern Mediterranean University Education Faculty, Elementary Education Department organised a certificate ceremony for successful students. The said organisation took place in a pleasant environment with the participation of students and staff of Elementary Education Department.

Students who obtained honor and high honor degrees based on their academic grades were presented their certificates by EMU Education Faculty, Elementary Education Department Chair and academic staff members within the same department.

The ceremony’s opening address was delivered by Elementary Education Deaprtment Chair Prof. Dr. Elif Yesim Astun, who thanked all attendees for their participation and all those who supported the organisation. Prof. Dr. Elif Yesim Astun also wished all students lifelong success in their prospective profession as elementary school teachers. Highlighting the support of the department towards the students in their quest to become well-equipped teachers of the 21st century, Prof. Dr. Astun put forth that as usual, the department will offer their relentless support and contributions regarding the professional development of the students. Academic staff members of the said department also expressed their best wishes to the students and added that they will closely be following their students’ motivation and professional readiness in every way possible.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University