EMU Dr. Faz?l Kucuk Faculty of Medicine Delivers Sleep Apnea Education at Famagusta State Hospital

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine delivered a conference on Sleep Apnea aimed towards Famagusta State Hospital personnel. The said conference was attended by EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Nahide GAlkcora. The conference was delivered by Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Internal Medicine Department and EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine academic staff member Prof. Dr. Sait Karakurt who indicated that sleep apnea is an important public health problem that can be seen in 5 out of 100 people. Prof. Dr. Karakurt also indicated that sleep apnea cases become more common later in life. Defining people who suffer from sleep apnea as people whose breathing stops for at least 10 seconds during deep sleep or REM sleep, Prof. Dr. Karakurt indicated that waking up in the morning tired and being prone to sleep throughout the day are important components of the syndrome.

You will solve a very important problem

Relaying fundamental information about the disease, Prof. Dr. Karakurt emphasized that doctors need to establish polyclinics and carry out work in relation to these problems. Stating that they have set-up a six bed sleep apnea unit at the Marmara University Hospital Prof. Dr. Karakurt highlighted that they are trying to increase the number of beds to twelve because of the great interest that currently leads to only being able to give appointments to patients for one year in the future. Prof. Dr. Karakurt went on to state: When you establish the polyclinic your work load will significantly increase however you will be solving a very important public health problem.

Extensive Information was Provided

Underlining that it is currently compulsory for bus drivers in Turkey to take a sleep test, Prof. Dr. Karakurt stated that people suffering from sleep apnea primarily fall asleep during passive situations such as when sitting down or when at the cinema before stating that they can later fall asleep during more active situations such as when at work or when walking. Prof. Dr. Karakut highlighted that this is very risky for people with jobs that include the usage of sharp objects or people working in public transport. Prof. Dr. Karakurt continued to provide information about the general structure of sleep. Emphasizing that the time at which respiratory function tests are carried out can lead to very different results Prof. Dr. Karakurt touched upon what needs to be done during the diagnosis period and the characteristics of equipment used in tests. At the end of the fruitful conference, Prof. Dr. Karakurt answered questions that were directed to him on sleep apnea by Famagusta State Hospital personnel.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University