EMU Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Gets Ready for the International Ex-Libris Contest

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Communication Faculty, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department organization an International Ex-libris Contest in collaboration with Silesia University in Katowice, Poland.

The contest opens its doors to artists and designers from all around the world, aiming to bring them together and to evaluate authentic ex-libris prints of highest aesthetics, artistic and technical quality, created as marks of ownership for books, to encourage artists and to introduce the art of ex-libris to the general public and finally, to create interest on the subject.

The theme of the contest is free but, the first place award to be granted at the end of the contest will be on the special subject of SPIRIT. Ex-libris work to compete in the contest shall be evaluated on the basis of their authenticity and originality with the subject spirit, their artistic, technical and aesthetic merit, and the quality of the relation between the image and the inscription in the composition. Individuals wishing to compete in the contest can participate with 5 different works of art. The applications can be made until the 1st of October, 2019. A selection of the best works of art will be exhibited at Eastern Mediterranean University and at Silesia University. For information on the application process or about the contest please contact via http://vacd.emu.edu.tr/exlibris website.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University