EMU Department of Psychology Demonstrates Its Quality Once Again

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Arts and Sciences Faculty, Department of Psychology English-medium Undergraduate Program has been accredited by the Turkish Psychological Association (TPD) until 2021.

EMU Department of Psychology has obtained this important achievement for the second time and continues to be the only department amongst Turkish Cypriot universities to hold this accreditation. EMU is one of 12 Turkish universities to have been accredited by TPD.

TPD is a member of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. In early 2019, the national and internationally respected association regained its accreditation authorization from the Council of Higher Education (YOK). Therefore, YOK recently provided TPD with the authority to provide accreditation to undergraduate Psychology programs for the second time. Despite criteria being increased during the second accreditation process, EMU Department of Psychology English-medium Undergraduate Program was once again accredited. At every chance, TDP has been indicating that as a result of the new criteria only the very best departments will be accredited. In a statement of his own, EMU Department of Psychology Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih Bayraktar noted that they are proud of the department’s latest achievement that once again demonstrate their quality: We would like to invite prospective psychology students to receive their education at our department that has one again proved its quality.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University