EMU Department of Computer Engineering is Offering Programming Courses for Primary School Students

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Engineering Faculty, Department of Computer Engineering is offering free gaming program development courses to 4th grade Polatpasa Primary School students within the scope of their social responsibility projects. The first of the courses organized with the support of EMU Management and Polatpasa Primary School Head Teacher Mehmet Erbil Taser took place on the 26th of April 2019 with the participation of 34 students. The second of the courses took place on the 3rd of May 2019 with the participation of 24 students at the Department of Computer Engineering Laboratory under the supervision of the research assistants.

They Played and Learned At the Same Time

Within the scope of the courses towards which the primary school students showed great interest, a game program was built and run from start to finish. At the end of the course, students were delivered certificates of participation by Department Chair Prof. Dr. Isik Aybay, Vice-Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Yiltan Bitirim and Polatpasa Primary School Teachers Niyazi Kucuk and Arif Canbulat. The courses aimed towards Polatpasa Primary School will come to an end after a visit on the 8th of May 2019 in the company of Polatpasa Primary School Teacher Refet Seker.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University