EMU Department of Civil Engineering Presents Certificates to Successful Students

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering presented certificates to the successful students of the Spring Term 2015-2016 Academic Year. The certificate ceremony that took place at the Department of Civil Engineering included a total of 161 students comprising of 61 honor and 100 high honor students. The students were handed their certificates by EMU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ozgur Eren, Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanin, Department of Civil Engineering Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan Sensoy, Vice Dean Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Anveren and members of academic staff.

After a guitar recital by Department of Civil Engineering student Bashar Alibrahim the certificate ceremony featured speeches by a Civil Engineering Club representative, Department of Civil Engineering Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan Sensoy, Engineering Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanin and Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs Prof. Dr. Ozgur Eren.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan Sensoy noted that the Department of Civil Engineering started its activity 37 years ago in 1979 as one of the three departments then under the umbrella of the Advanced Technology Institute. In 1986, the Institute was transformed into EMU and to this day the department has given more than 2000 graduates. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sensoy noted that the department has an international structure with over 1217 students from 44 different countries whilst recommending that student carry out research and be open to innovation. Congratulating the students for their success Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sensoy highlighted the Civil Engineering program’s ABET accreditation and its importance.

After Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sensoy’s speech, EMU Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanin provided information about the faculty noting that it is accredited by ABET. Prof. Dr. Hocanin congratulated the successful students wishing them all the best in the rest of their lives.

Prof. Dr. Eren also congratulated the students wishing that success follows them throughout their lives. After his speech, Prof. Dr. Eren was handed a service award for acting as the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department from 2013 to 2016.

After the certificates were presented to the winners of the Pasta Bridge Competition organized by the Construction Club, honor and high honor students were awarded their certificates to mark their success.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University