EMU Communication and Media Studies Faculty Continues to Bring Up Qualified Journalists

Within the framework of the graduation project course titled GAZE 482, students of Eastern Mediterranean University Communication and Media Studies Faculty, Journalism Department defended the newspaper projects they prepared in front of a jury. Some of the students chose their newspapers’ names from special words used by Cypriot locals.

In this regard, student Vusal Hasanov presented his project titled Hakliyiz, a newspaper focusing on human rights and student Deniz Katman presented her newspaper titled Nabiz, a project targeting students from Turkey and refugees. Fatos Yavuz’s Babutsa, Nazife Ekmekci’s Gonnara and Emine Karaogullari’s Pallura focused on local news, interviews and comments. Finally, student Mustafa Bafli’s project titled KAgit focused on interviews.

Defending their projects in front of a jury, prospective graduates of EMU Journalism Department provided information about the title and motto of their papers, target audience, selection of news, and framework for news. Student, then, answered questions coming from the jury. The project evaluation jury was formed by Channel SIM Executive Editor Sami Ozuslu, Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK) editor Ozgul Gurkut Mutluyakali and EMU Journalism Department academic staff members Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanife Aliefendioglu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy.

Highlighting the importance of carrying out the reporting, photo reporting, page design and editorship of a single newspaper for each student, Sami Ozuslu thanked the students for their valuable efforts. Jury member Ozgul Gurkut also stressed her pleasure in the uniqueness, creativity and originality level of the news presented. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy put forth that EMU Journalism Department prepares students for their prospective careers in the best way possible, as also indicated by their unique performance in the graduation projects. Chair of the Journalism Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurten Kara stated that Journalism Department’s graduation projects are the products of teamwork taking place under the coordination of the department. Course coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanife Aliefendioglu added that they have been working in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy on various project-related subjects including the selection of agenda, content, and visuals of the newspapers.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University