EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program Students Received Training on Hair, Make-Up and Skin Care

Students of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program received practical training on hair, make-up and skin care. Releasing a statement on the aforesaid training, EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic stated that the students of the Civil Aviation Cabin Services program receive comprehensive training on cabin attendance and the program prepares the students for their career through educating them in the most effective way possible.

Within the scope of the Introduction to Cabin Services course delivered by Senior Instructor Nevin Yavuz, hairdressers at Hair Time Cengiz Yildiran Saloon taught the students about the practice of different hair styles , skin care, hair care and make-up. Yavuz added that this activity was held for personal care, hair and make-up training, which is a part of the series of trainings in which different subjects such as lifestyle, health conditions, accommodation, body language, communication and diction of a cabin attendant are covered in general. Yavuz went on to state that the main duties of the cabin crew are to provide flight safety and flight security and quality service. In addition, Yavuz said that the cabin crew who are in contact with the passengers during the service phase should look good and the cabin crew who will be present on the flight should know how to do their hair and make-up in a short while. Yavuz put forth that when students start their careers, they should earn certain habits so that they look good and appropriate in front of the passengers even during late night flights.

Students of the program who participated in the aforesaid training stated that they are lucky to be studying at EMU, an institution who prepares them for their future careers taking into consideration their needs and demands.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University