EMU Architecture Faculty Contributes to Famagusta

The Urban Furniture Design Competition organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Architecture Faculty, Department of Interior Architecture and the Municipality of Famagusta has come to an end. The competition that took place amongst EMU students was attended by over 200 students with 51 different projects. The award ceremony of the competition took place at the St. Paul Church in Famagusta’s Old Town. All projects were exhibited at the ceremony where the participants were presented their certificates.

A statement released by the EMU Architecture Faculty, Department of Interior Architecture noted: The project aims to design a seating unit for socializing and resting at the Ali Mahir Park. The winning project will be realised by the municipality. We believe that the indicated public space will become more lively and fun after the project is brought to life. It will contribute to urban life and be aesthetically pleasing.

Further Collaborations for Famagusta

The jury comprised of municipality representatives chose the top three projects and honourable mentions. The award ceremony was a fun and dynamic event. University and municipality representatives indicated that this initiative can be seen as the first step towards a more productive collaboration between the university and the municipality. EMU Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Sonuc Zorlu Ogurlu congratulated the winners, all participants, academic staff and the organization committee indicating that the university administration will always provide support for similar organizations that establish connections between the university and the general public. Famagusta Mayor Ismail Arter relayed his aspiration for further collaboration with EMU to create projects that will contribute to a better Famagusta.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University