EMU Animal-Friendly Campus Project Growing

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Animal-Friendly Campus Project is growing. The EMU Animal Rescue Club, one of the university student clubs, has started a petition on campus. 5000 signatures were collected within a week in order to show support for the Animal-Friendly Campus Project.

EMU Animal Rescue Club Chair, At?l Berk De?irmencio?lu, noted that the purpose of the campaign is to make sure that cats and dogs living on campus are provided with food and vaccinations. He added that people who perceive the animals to be dangerous and disturbing are in a minority and expressed his expectation for support to the campaign. Animal Rescue Club Advisor and Neuter, Vaccinate and Let Live (NVLL) Project volunteer Fayka Guresun noted that the NVLL Project is undertaking the neutering of animals, whilst the Animal Rescue Club club is undertaking the feeding and care, in order to create a more habitable EMU campus for our animal friends. Guresun indicated that the growth of NVLL and the Animal-Friendly Campus Project, which started in March 2011, is due to the cooperation and endeavors of the university Administration, the Animal Rescue Club and project volunteers. Guresun also noted the support given to the petition is a result of these endeavors.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University.