EMU Academic Staff Member Delivers a Presentation Titled ‘Arif Nihat Asya and Cyprus’

Important poets of the Republic Period Turish Literature Arif Nihat Asya was commemorated on the 42nd anniversary of his passing at a program organised at Istanbul Kucukcekmece SefakAly Culture and Arts Center. Eastern Mediterranean University was represented at the said organisation by EMU Education Faculty academic staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Aydin, who delivered a presentation titled ‘Arif Nihat Asya and Cyprus’.

During his speech, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Aydin stated that Arif Nihat Asya worked in Cyprus at Nicosia Turkish High School (formerly known as Celal Bayar High School) between 24 November 1959 and 31 August 1961. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Aydin also added that the poet published a book titled ‘Kibris Rubaileri’ upon his return to Turkey in 1964. Stating that Arif Nihat Asya always kept his bonds with Cyprus, Assist.Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Aydin put forth that even the poet’s last poem written in his deadbed was about Cyprus.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University