Emphasis on new tourist markets in next two years, Tourism Minister says

Cyprus Tourism Deputy Minister Savvas Perdios has said that in the next two years emphasis will be placed in attracting tourists from new markets such as France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Israel.

In statements after a meeting with Cyprus Greens President Giorgos Perdikis, Perdios assured that a new national tourism strategy set to be launched in the beginning of 2020, will take environmental issues seriously thus differentiating Cyprus from other competitors.

He said that during the meeting he had briefed Perdikis of the problems the sector was faced with during this year such as the closing down of airlines Cobalt, Air Berlin, Germania, tour operator Thomas Cook as well as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the Russian ruble exchange rate.

In the past, such developments may have had a very serious impact in Cyprus tourism but I think all tourism actors, including the Deputy Ministry, managed to keep things on an even level, he noted.

“It was a serious challenge for Cyprus to achieve this in the midst of increasing competition on the part of Turkey and Egypt,” Perdios said.

He expressed satisfaction with the results from tourism so far this year, adding however that “we cannot be complacent, the challenges are great.”

Referring to 2020 he expressed the view that it will be stable in relation to this and the previous year.

On Brexit, he said that although no-one can be certain of its impact, at least there is no more uncertainty.

The main markets from which Cyprus attracts tourists, Perdios said, that is to say Russia and Britain appear to have reached their peak, adding that “this is the reason we insist and continue to insist in opening new markets.”

To that extent, in the next two years, great emphasis will be given to France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Israel.

He expressed his satisfaction, because “all tourism actors seem to have realised the importance of these countries for Cypriot tourism in future and we are all acting concertedly in that direction.”

Asked what would be the new thing which Cyprus can use to attract new tourists, Perdios said that “I feel that we have much to offer.”

“Our countryside, our mountainous regions, our rural regions are beautiful,” he added.

He noted that there are already several specialised tourism experiences on offer in these regions adding that a big part of the Deputy Tourisms work is upgrading the services on offer and at the same time promoting them.

Perdios also said that the Deputy Tourism will also seek to promote legislative amendments which will resolve long-standing problems the tourism sector is faced with such as noise pollution, alcohol abuse especially in coastal areas, the sale of laughing gas in public areas and the rental of quad bikes and buggies to persons under eighteen who do not have the necessary permits.

Source: Cyprus News Agency