Embassy of Cyprus in Madrid in contact with 30 Cypriots living in Spain

The Embassy of Cyprus in Madrid is in contact with around 30 Cypriots in Spain, mainly students as well as their families in Cyprus, in an effort to support them as the number of confirmed cases and deaths due to COVID-19 increase in the country, sources have told CNA.

According to the sources, the students are mainly located in Madrid and Barcelona, while some other live in Granada, San Sebastian and Valencia.

Many of the students living in Spain wish to return to Cyprus and are in constant contact with the consular authorities of Cyprus in Madrid, who also speak with their families back home.

The same sources told CNA that for this purpose there’s a Whats App group where the Consulate of Cyprus in Spain and other consular officers communicate with the 30 Cypriots in Spain who contacted the Cyprus Embassy.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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