Electric vehicles registrations and orders surpass 2022 target, Minister says

Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Yannis Karousos, said Thursday that until now 1,343 electric vehicles have been registered or ordered, exceeding the targets set for 2022.


The Minister’s statements were made during a panel discussion at the Cyprus Forum which takes place 29 and 30 of September in Nicosia.


Karousos pointed out that we must reach the goals for the climate agreement and thus in 2021 the general policy framework for the promotion of the use of electric vehicles was promoted and approved.


This framework, he said, provides for 25% of new vehicle registrations in 2030 to be electric and by 2035 this percentage should increase to 100%.


The Minister said that the general framework’s targets for 2022 included 1,036 new vehicle registrations to be electric in order to achieve the above target and already 1,343 vehicles have been registered or ordered, achieving the year’s target by 144%.


Source: Cyprus News Agency