Eighteen countries participate in second phase of multinational exercise “Argonaftis 2017”

The second phase of the multinational exercise “Argonaftis 2017” took place on Wednesday.

Today’s phase played out a scenario in which civilians had been evacuated from a neighbouring region in crisis and had been transferred to Cyprus.

“On the second day the exercise was conducted in two phases, involving the evacuation of civilians from a neighbouring area in crisis, the arrival of civilians in Cyprus and preparation for their repatriation until they reach a safe haven. The first two phases of the exercise include 18 countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain and France, while representatives of other states such as Australia are also participating said Andreas Zachariou, an officer of the Cyprus Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

Zachariou noted that Cyprus’ important role due to its geographical location is recognised by everyone.

He added that the infrastructure and services provided by the Republic of Cyprus are equally important in carrying out this important humanitarian mission.

Lieutenant Mathieu Smith from Australia Navy said that it has been an excellent exercise and added that Cyprus’ hospitality has been above and beyond what we expected when we arrived, the facilities here are world class, and the ability to interact with other nations in this facility has proven the fact that this Centre has trained well its designing section.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Kaizer from German Air Force said that after all the experience that we had here with Cyprus and all the nations here in the Centre, I believe that Cyprus is playing a good role and will be a good haven in a potential crisis in the Middle East. All together we will be able to coordinate and bring out refugees or people who want to come to a safe haven.

“Argonaftis 2017” is the largest exercise of civil and military cooperation in Cyprus with the participation of eighteen countries and twenty-four departments from eight Ministries of the Republic (Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice, Transport, Health, Energy, Labour and Social Insurance).

The 3rd Phase of the exercise that will take place on June 1st concerns the National Plan “NEARCHOS” for Search and Rescue on the basis of a scenario dealing with accidents in the air and at sea during the day and at night.

Source: Cyprus News Agency