Eide: We have a plan and we are negotiating

Last night the essential elements of a package that may lead to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem had emerged from the dinner with the UNSG, Anonio Guterres said his Special Adviser, Espen Barth Eide at the end of the discussions in the two tables of the Conference on Cyprus, on Saturday, in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

Replying to journalists’ questions he said that the package has not many but very specific elements which are being negotiated now on the two tables.

The two tables this morning discussed the issues of the package that belong to the relevant tables, he added. A package of issues has been identified and if we manage to solve those we will have basically the elements of a comprehensive settlement.

This morning we started well and we will continue over the weekend when the delegations will work on their own on developing these ideas and Monday morning we will be back here between 9 and 11 am at the two tables, Eide said.

Replying to a relevant question Eide said that physical papers will be on the table on Monday morning on all essential issues across all chapters. There are clear issues on the guarantees and security table and clear issues on the bicommunal parallel table which are jointly understood that they are make or break issues. There are other issues but not of the make or break nature, they are not at divergence or importance that will make the deal impossible.

As he explained, Monday morning the relevant parties will give their positions on separate papers and hopefully at the end it can be one paper. According to Eide it will be like they did it in Cyprus but with more participants this time and the separate papers will be eventually in agreement, turn to black.

Earlier he had said that this is a systematic process of negotiations. Now we actually are negotiating. He also said that it was a very constructive dinner with UNSG which basically set out a working plan on everything and identified the issues needed to be finalised now on both tables.

Replying to another question Eide said that the plan is to stay in Crans-Montana. The current plans have not changed and the Ministers will stay on, he noted.

The Conference on Cyprus began on Wednesday, to help find a negotiated settlement to reunite Cyprus, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Source: Cyprus News Agency