Educational Toy for Visually Impaired Children Designed by EMU Academic Staff Exhibited in Four Fairs

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication, Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design academic staff members Hare Eminoglu and Senih Cavusoglu designed an educational toy named WOODLE for visually impaired children. WOODLE was recently exhibited at the Shenzen International Industrial Design Fair in China.

The educational toy was also exhibited in the globally awarded designs section of the Cube Design Museum in Holland, the International Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design Festival in Mumbai, India and the Bologna/Italy Design Week and Grand Design Exhibition.

Both the Braille alphabet and Latin alphabet were used in the design of WOODLE, giving the opportunity to visually impaired children to play together with other children. Designed as a 3D puzzle, the toy aims to entertain children and at the same time enable them to develop various skills including getting to know different animals, learning how to spell their names in English, discovering shapes and writing their names. With its unique design, WOODLE qualified for the international A Design Award.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University