Education Minister participates in EU Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council

The Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Costas Kadis, participated in the sessions of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council of the EU yesterday in Brussels.

In his intervention during the discussion on issues pertaining to youth, Mr Kadis noted the need to hear what young people are saying and to directly address the problems they are facing.

Referring to Cyprus in particular, Minister Kadis said the National Strategy on Youth is being formulated through participatory processes involving the young people themselves. He further pointed out the strategy is expected to be completed within the next few months in order to be presented by the Cyprus Youth Board before the Council of Ministers for approval at the highest possible level. In this way, he asserted, young people will feel that their voice is being heard, adding that the Government, taking into consideration the anguish and uncertainty of young people vis-A�-vis their access to the labour market, has already developed a series of measures to promote young employment.

With regard to Education issues, the EU Ministers exchanged views on the ways and the means to reinforce and develop young people’s talents. Mr Kadis noted that emphasis should be given to the particular needs and inclinations of the students.

Referring to the Cyprus education system, the Minister said significant steps have been made over the last few years as regards the provision of special programs to meet the needs of students with particular needs and inclinations, making specific reference to the Sports and Music Gymnasiums and Lyceums, as well as other programs cultivating music and sports talents. Moreover, Mr Kadis said that within the framework of the educational reform, the Lyceum offers ‘Course Selection Directions’, focusing on particular thematic areas without limiting students to one and single professional option.

Source: Press and Information Office.