Education and Finance Ministers brief EU counterparts on Cyprus’ best practices in education and training

Cyprus Minister of Education Kostas Champiaouris together with Finance Minister Harris Georgiades presented on Friday the best practices of the Republic of Cyprus in education and training, their interconnection with and contribution to sustainable economic development. They were addressing a joint meeting of EU Education and Finance Ministers, in Brussels.

The two Ministers “referred to the policies they consider most appropriate for developing the efficiency, effectiveness and participation in education and training” according to a relevant statement.

Specifically, Finance Minister Harris Georgiades pointed out that “education is one of the three pillars of the knowledge triangle, which also includes research and innovation”.

As he said, “this is also a key tool in improving the potential for innovation and thus economic growth in EU Member States, so that Europe remains competitive in the global economy”.

He also emphasized the importance the Cypriot Government is attaching to innovation and entrepreneurship.

From his part, the Minister of Education referred to the policies which are being implemented in the field of education in Cyprus, adding that the aim is to provide high quality education for all. This is being done through reform, the adaptation of Curricula, and by implementing coordinated policies to integrate children with immigrant background in the education system, while promoting legislative and educational changes.

Aiming at a sound management of public finances, the Ministry of Education is working with the Ministry of Finance to develop its strategic planning and budget planin g based on activities and key performance indicators, he added.

According to a written statement, “this debate is part of a wider effort to make the European Union coherent and prosperous, technologically up-to-date and environmentally neutral”.

It should be noted that “the European Councils Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024, which has been the basis of the debate, places particular emphasis on the positive impact of education and training, and stresses that investments in high quality education are important for the future of Europe”.

As for the rest of the work of the EU Council of Ministers of Education, the main items on the agenda were “the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of education and training, the technological and green transition to lifelong learning, the artificial intelligence in education and training, and the further development of the European Education Area “.

According to a written statement by the Ministry, in his speech, Chambiouris stated that the era of Artificial Intelligence requires new skills and opens new perspectives for teaching and learning.

It is finally noted that Ministers adopted conclusions on the key role of lifelong learning policies in empowering societies to respond to technological and green transition and adopted a resolution on further developing the European Education Area to support education systems and future-oriented training.

Source: Cyprus News Agency