ECONOMY: Cyprus wants to keep open dialogue with foreign investors

President Nicos Anastasiades said a consultative dialogue between government and foreign investors will be institutionalized to reinforce the position of Cyprus as a stable and competitive destination for doing business.

The President held a roundtable meeting with foreign investors at the Presidential Palace on Thursday, with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Energy and the Deputy Ministers of Shipping and Tourism.

“We look forward to hearing and evaluating your assessments as to ways which would improve the general business and entrepreneurial environment, the competitiveness and the ease of doing business in Cyprus, particularly in the very important sectors which you represent,” Anastasiades told foreign investors.

The event was an opportunity to convey the government’s sincere gratitude “for your vote of confidence, positive contribution and strong support in our economy, either through direct investments or by establishing regional and international headquarters on the island.”

However, the discussion was plan of a strategy on maintaining and broadening the conditions under which high growth rates can be generated.

“We want to ensure that every investor trusts the economic environment in which they operate, through maintaining a stable, transparent, credible and competitive tax and legal regime, said Anastasiades.

He added: Only through constructive dialogue, an exchange of views and ideas with all social partners, especially highly successful foreign investors and private companies, that we will be able to adopt new policies or measures which will reinforce the outlook and prospect of our economic environment.”

“This is all the more applicable in your case, since you do not only have a first-hand experience of Cyprus’ economic and business environment, but it is also through your initiatives and your multi-million investments that you have proved to be one of the most important components of the economic recovery, the growth and the job creation we are witnessing.

Anastasiades said that the roundtable discussion will become a regular event as the government seeks to institutionalise consultative dialogue with foreign investors.

He said that he looked forward to a productive exchange of views and the identification of new policies, measures and investment initiatives that would enhance competitiveness, development and sustainable growth in Cyprus, noting “we are here to listen and to be heard.”

“We are investing in your wisdom, in your initiativeswe have the chance to listen to you, the creators, what it is that we can do for those who are the main actors in achieving the progress that has been created so far.”

Source: The Financial Mirror