EC delegation in Cyprus launches awareness campaign aiming to reduction of plastic use

The European Commission delegation in Cyprus launches an awareness campaign aiming at the reduction of the use of plastic, on the occasion of the introduction of the law introducing a plastic bag levy.

Head of the European Commission delegation Ierotheos Papadopoulos visited CNA on Friday and met with its Director George Penintaex and Board Chairman Larkos Larkou with whom he discussed how CNA can contribute to this effort. They also exchanged views on EU affairs.

In a statement, Papadopoulos noted that he had a very good discussion with Penintaex and Larkos, whom he briefed on the awareness campaign to be launched by the EC delegation in Cyprus and concerns the reduction of plastic used.

He noted that the European Commission has submitted a Pan-European proposal on how to reduce the use of plastic since, if things continue as they are today, there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Papadopoulos also said that they discussed about the cooperation between the European Commission delegation and CNA, which he described as excellent.

CNA Board Chairman Larkos Larkou said that they exchanged views on major European issues, and the challenges which the EU faces, as well as how CNA can most effectively use its means to publish stories about the Commissions actions.

Furthermore, he said that that EU is a project which promotes peace, and therefore it has a lot to contribute to efforts to reunite Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency