Drilling operations will not be postponed, Anastasiades says

_: Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said on Saturday evening that drilling operations in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone will not be postponed and that no pressure is exerted to this end.

Invited by a journalist to say whether after the deadlock of the talks on the Cyprus problem in Switzerland drilling operations will move forward as planned, Anastasiades wondered which is the relation between the Republics drilling plans and Turkeys responsibility for the collapse of the talks, noting that he will address the people on Monday.

Asked if any pressure is exerted and if there are any thoughts to postpone the drilling operations, Anastasiades said that neither pressure was exerted, nor the drilling operations were going to be postponed.

To a remark by a journalist that Turkey says that it has a plan B and whether we have a plan B as well, Anastasiades reiterated that he will address the people on Monday.

Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides wrote on his twitter account earlier on Saturday that President Anastasiades will inform on Monday the members of the National Council and subsequently the Cypriot people over what happened in Crans-Montana.

UN-backed talks that took place on June 28-July 7, in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, ended inconclusively. Peace talks aim to reunite Cyprus, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion, under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency